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Natural, Phased Growth as the Park Comes Alive

Waterloo Business Park

Waterloo Business Park is the latest addition to the Christchurch cityscape. Our goal is to create a large open area for businesses to call their own with easy access to road, rail and air travel. With property everything is location, location, location; and you can be sure that Waterloo Business Park Christchurch has everything you need for your business and industrial needs. We use an environmentally conscious approach to our planning and construction projects, to create the best facilities while minimising environmental impact and keeping a natural look and feel to the park. Every element of our business park has been carefully considered and designed with the needs of industries, workers and customers in mind.

New Environment, Better Opportunities

Waterloo Business Park boasts a superb combination of nature and industry. We are making it our mission to become Christchurch’s premier industrial park. Turn left or right and you will see varying sized blocks that house small and large businesses. Take a walk around the park and enjoy the views of pristine boulevards decorated with well- maintained lawns and gardens.

Waterloo Business Park is the place where entrepreneurs, executives and investors come together to find room to grow and expand. We have a huge selection of commercial properties for sale with more being built as time goes on. Browse our site or contact us for availability in the next stages of the Waterloo development.

Come out and see for yourself what land is for sale at Waterloo. See you at Waterloo Business Park Christchurch soon!

  • Stage One

    Stage One titles were issued in September 2014. Among our first occupiers were Santa Rosa Foods, Cardinal Freight, Conroy Removals, Connetics, Tulloch Transport, Hanham and Philp and Spray Marks.

    With higher warehouse to office ratio, this initial stage was defined by a focus in establishing key industries and creating a benchmark for the remainder of the park.
    Stage One incorporated...

  • Stage Two A

    Retaining a focus on warehousing, distribution and production this stage boasts larger sites than Stage One, with a variety of section sizes catering to the unique requirements of each individual client.
    This area leads directly out to Pound Road and includes a newly built section of Halswell Junction Road which will join to the existing road in due course. Here at Waterloo, we are about enriching the...

  • Stage Two B

    This stage was titled in September 2016 and brought a further 11ha to the market. Including a grand entry to the park this has set the tone for the final stages and provided a sense of place to Waterloo.
    A range of sites from 4,200m2 - 16,000m2 with an excellent profile remain available. Ideal for those businesses who need profile and easy access...

  • Stage Three

    Stage Three completes Halswell Junction Road within the park and brings a further 4.9 ha of land to the market. The titles for Stage Three were issued in December 2016. Bordering with the residential boundary and the high amenity area of Islington Square, careful consideration was given to the type of development occurring on these lots.
    A second major entry way was created in this stage as Halswell Junction Road enters the...

  • Stage Four

    Stage Four was titled in early 2017. It is situated on Waterloo Road and brings a range of small and larger lots to the market.
    Outstanding location on busy Waterloo Road and bordered by Pound Road to the south, Halswell Junction Road to the north with the central park in walking distance....

  • Stage Five

    Our final land development stage will fill in the core of the Business Park and complete the journey.
    This area will suit higher office to warehouse ratios and as it's location near the central park area will be perfect for staff to enjoy.
    The constructions is underway and the titles are expected to be issued in October 2017...

  • Stage Six – Islington Square

    A unique project that will set Waterloo Business Park out from the rest. Islington Green is designed to be the heart of Waterloo, bringing to life our motto of Work Life Balance. We aim to restore parts of the old freezing works and create a beautifully designed heritage hub where people can access many of their daily requirements in one location, without the hassle of city driving. From convenience retail, showrooms, cafes and...



stage 5 roading completed waterloo

New Stage 5 Roading

The continuation of Islington Avenue has been completed and is now open to the public. This will allow services to the core of the park. There is some new traffic … More

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