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Design and Build Your Commercial Property

At Waterloo Business Park, you are free to design your workspace any way you want. Waterloo Business Park intends to breathe new life into the area by developing and rebuilding Waterloo Park. Our commercial property builders and developers aim to create a desirable working environment in an excellent location. We have a selection of commercial design and building opportunities in several locations around the park. We help you design your workplace according to your business needs and provide a solution that works for you. The Waterloo team manage the process from start to finish to ensure you get a solution that works for your business.

Creating and Finding Business Opportunities

Waterloo Business Park is an ideal place to find new and better opportunities to grow your company. Our team are Christchurch’s commercial design & building experts. Setting up an office in an inspiring, well-developed location like this gives you the flexibility to work in a personalised environment. With more and more businesses operating in Waterloo Business Park the development is fast becoming one of the most promising commercial centres in New Zealand.

Work with Experienced Builders

Call or visit Waterloo Business Park whenever you want to design and build an office in Christchurch. The team will provide information on available lots and assist you in any way they can. Our team will be happy to guide you all the way and manage your construction project in a timely and professional manner. Be part of Waterloo Business Park and make use of the benefits enjoyed by new and existing occupiers. Contact us or browse through our website for more information.


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